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Friday, March 22, 2013

Lake Fly Fishing Class- May 2013

Want to get started fly fishing lakes or just learn to fly fish?  This is a great class to get going and learn in a fun and informative atmosphere.  This is a two part class that gives you the tools you need to get a good start on fly fishing lakes.

Part 1 is held at a fly shop classroom covering the basics.  Knot tying, rigging, fly selection, lake discussion and gear are covered here.  2 hour session.

Part 2 is held on a private ranch near Tyghe Valley, OR. (approximately 1:45 minutes from Portland). These fertile lakes host an excellent population of rainbow trout.  Food sources are prolific and range from midges, callibaetis, damsel and leeches. Trout are often caught up to 16-18" with some up to 10lbs in these lakes.  Here we cover fly casting starting with square one or building on your current skills.  We cover fishing techniques and strategies, provide a hot lunch and spend the day on the water.

Bring your lucky fishing hat a camera and makes some fly fishing memories in our fly fishing lakes class.

Call to save your spot today:  503-704-6449  See more fishing opportunities at:

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