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Friday, December 19, 2014

Big Water Event Ahead

This graph shows the forecasted water levels for the Clackamas River for Dec 19-24.  Rarely do we get a graph like this where there is so much pink at the top of the screen.  More commonly on big rain storms we would see the river rising near or to the Action phase at 18'.  Here it shows the river rising to Major Flood stage at nearly 25'.  Normal flows for this time of year are around 12'6"-14'.  Looks like this one is going to be a dandy.  Watch for new channels to form and the river to shift.  We may have some new holes to fish by Christmas! 

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Fishing Decal - The Tug is the Drug!

“The Tug is the Drug” Decal 

Display your fishing passion on your vehicle, thermos, tackle box, boat etc… 
Decal is 4” wide X 5” tall 

$2.99 for one (includes shipping & handling in USA) 
$10.00 for four (includes shipping & handling in USA) 

For fishermen it's so true "The Tug is the Drug"! Admittedly this is an addictive sport. We are always out looking for the next tug... can't stop the addiction, why fight it?

To Order Click Here

Early Morning Chrome

Mornings on the river are full of anticipation.  Sometimes those first casts are rewarded with an aggressive fish.  It had barely gotten light when client Eric H. connected with this chrome rocket.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Winter Steelhead Season - December 2014

It is now early December and winter steelhead action is starting on the Oregon coast.  Fish returning this time of the season are often referred to as the early returning winter run fish.  These are typically the hatchery component of the winter steelhead run.  Most common rivers to find early returning winter steelhead in Oregon are the Nestucca, the Wilson, NF Nehalem, the Alsea, Necannicum and the Kilches rivers.  

Winter steelhead time of year the water is cold and requires the fly angler to get their fly down to the fish.  Sink tips or indicator riggings are most productive.  Common sink tips are T-11 and T-14 and at 10' long.  These tips are delivered with a shooting head fly line system called a Skagit line.  At the end of the sinking tip a short leader helps ensure the fly stays where is should- deep.  

Favorite patterns for winter steelhead are often larger than summer favorites.  Flies that have movement and swim with a life-like motion often get the best results.  A few of our favorites below are available at fly shops in the NW and at 

Crandall's Guide Choice is a great fly when there is a lot of green coloration in the water. 

Crandall's Steelhead Nitemare is a producer under most water conditions.   

Crandall's Provider is a great fly for clear to medium clear water conditions.

For more information on winter steelhead in Oregon visit: or check out our class/seminar schedule to get hands on help with steelhead success!