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Clackamas River Summer Steelhead

Clackamas River Summer Steelhead

The Clackamas River is in Oregon, not far from the city of Portland. It flows out of the cascade mountains near Mt. Hood. Snow melt accounts for much of the flow in the spring months. Heavy snow pack years often brings the river up over its banks but running clear. The Clackamas River is home to spring and fall Chinook, Coho salmon and both winter and summer Steelhead (our favorite).

Steelhead fishing on the Clackamas River starts in December and extends through June most years. However, there are Steelhead in the Clackamas River year round. One of the most hardy and versatile fish of the Clackamas River are the summer steelhead. These fish are of the Skamania strain steelhead and are stocked in the Clackamas to the tune of 160,000 smolt each year. These fish are packed with extra fat and are excellent table fare. They come into the river as early as March and stay in the river until the following late winter/spring before spawning. Upon first arriving in the river these fish are explosive fighters often jumping high in the air multiple times.

As the river warms into the spring months active steelhead will chase the swung fly aggressively. Spey rods are the best tool to deliver big flies with lots of enticing movement. Fishing these flies with a sink tip line gets them in front of the fish for the best results.

The picture above is a client of Water Time Outfitters with his first Steelhead. This fish was caught on the Clackamas river in May on a #7 weight Spey rod with a Skagit fly line and a sink tip.

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