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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fishing Guide Touches over 100 Steelhead on Deschutes in ONE DAY!

Guide Gil Muhleman of Water Time Outfitters touched over 100 steelhead yesterday September 25th!  No it was not for some amazingly good and super lucky clients.  Gil was helping ODFW staff at the Sherars Falls fish trap.  Steelhead are migrating fast right now in the Maupin area on the Deschutes River.  Good numbers of fish are moving through the system and are heading upstream. 

The fish trap at Sherars falls allows biologist to sample fish and get an idea of run sizes.  The trap only captures a small portion of the run as it is only operated in the evenings and only certain days of the week.  "The trap was full when we got there; we would tag the fish and then let them on through.  After the fish in the trap passed on upriver we would reopen the trap.  With-in 10 seconds the trap would literally be too full again!" says guide Gil Muhleman.  "These fish are in really good shape, they seem to be pushing hard to get upriver.  About 10% of these fish seemed to be B-run fish, well over 10lbs."

Steelhead Boot Camp Success!

Our annual Steelhead Boot Camp was a success this September.  Our group of  anglers from all over the NW did well learning the ropes of steelhead fly fishing.  We covered spey casting, fishing stategies, reading water, fly selection, knot tying, rigging, approaching the run and much more.  All in all we had a great time and learned why we say the "tug is the drug".   If you to learn the "why" of what we do to catch steelhead enroll in the Steelhead Boot Camp with Water Time Outfitters.  We offer both summer and winter steelhead classes.  Find more info at:

Thanks to all who participated you guys were great!

Instructors for this class were Rob Crandall, Gil Muhleman and Josh Bradley support staff Marty Smith. 
Second fish of the trip for Steve!

First Steelhead in 20 years for this student!