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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Water Time Outfitters 2013 Highlights of the Year

It has been a great year with fantastic clients like you!  We just wanted to thank you for your participation in our 2013 season with Water Time Outfitters.  It has been busy with some amazing highlights.  We are glad that you could be a part of it.  We look forward to spending time on the water with you in 2014.  Here are a few of the many highlights from the year.

The first one of the day.
Clive Furrows of San Diego with several amazing wild fish from one exceptional day on the N. Oregon coast.  After many years fishing BC and around the world Clive landed his biggest steelhead ever on a #7 weight spey rod.  By the measurements this fish         easily went 23.3lbs. Congrats Clive!

Congrats to Adam Straw who landed his first steelhead on the fly rod this year on the Clackamas River.  He was swinging a marabou spey pattern with a sink tip and hooked two in one morning.  Adam had that smile on his face for at least a week!

Jim Drew (photo to right) snuck this dandy chromer out of the run right behind a fly fishing legend.  He did it so non-chalantly that I had to give him mega credit.  His friend and fly fishing guru wanted Jim’s fly after the dust settled from the camera shutters. 

New guide in training- my son Tanner at the tiller on the jet sled.  Oh yeah, he landed a steelhead that day too!

Happy New Year!

 Fly fishing for shad in June was a definite highlight- what a blast!  We did ½ day trips morning and evening for shad and averaged 40 hook ups each 4 hours.  We had many doubles, saw huge sturgeon jump right in front of us and even caught some dandy smallmouth bass. 

 Tanner Crandall got in on the action and hauled in this whopper shad. (Left)

Jon Hill worked over the shad pretty good but was surprised when he brought in this red eyed devil- a      hard fighting Smallmouth Bass.

Deschutes River Trout fishing was good this year.  We had so much fun!  A favorite trip was hanging out in one camp for three days.  There were so many caddis in July- the word blizzard comes close to describing it!

Don Lewis and Henry M. had a productive trip on the lower D. this year in early September.  Don commented: “What is wrong, I can’t get this one in”… that’s because it’s a big strong steelie in it’s prime Don!

Jeff Evershed hit it just right this fall on the lower Deschutes; one of those rare days when it is overcast and a bit rainy.  We stopped counting after he had 10 hookups on steelhead.  Fish were rolling everywhere! 


An epic morning on the Deschutes(right), we watched 30 bighorn sheep across the river, had deer 15 yards away and landed this dandy steelhead and lost one the first stop of the day!

Thanks again for all the wonderful days on the water this year.  There are so many, many more stories and pics that are also highlights.  

All the very best to you and yours for 2014!

From the Crew at Water Time Outfitters: Rob Crandall, Gil Muhleman, Marty Smith and Kenny Kiley  

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Christmas Gifts for the Fly Angler

It's that time of year and if you need a gift for a fly fisherman look no further than Water Time Outfitters for the outdoor getaway your loved one NEEDS!  Give the gift of water time, that precious resource that there never seems to be enough of.  Today's life has so many stresses, why not put it aside for a day or so and enjoy the bliss of nature, a fish throbbing at the end of the line and no cell phones.

Water Time Gifts to consider:

Guided Fishing trips:  Ranging from half day to multi-day camping trips these range from $125-175 and up.

Fly Fishing Classes: Trout and steelhead fly fishing beginners have a lifetime passion ahead- get started right in a great sport!  Price ranges from $65 and up.

Steelhead Workshops:  A great primer to the season, the new angler or someone new to town.  We show you where to go and how to do it. $100

Guided Shad Fishing Trips:  Excellent for the new angler or for the works too much guy who can squeeze in 4 hours of action packed fishing!  $125-$175 per person.

Drift boat workshops:  How to row a drift boat safely.  4 hour session takes you down the river in your boat covering rowing and safety.  $175 for one or two.

Gift Certificates:  This one covers it all- let your loved one choose from the options above and more to customize the outdoor experience they are craving!

WTO T-shirts - The Tug is the Drug!  See our T -shirts on our website:  Fishing T-Shirt

See more on our website:

Swung Fly Steelhead Mysteries- Free Seminars

Ever feel like winter steelhead are a mythical creature?  Come join us for a FREE seminar exploring the mysteries of swung fly steelhead.  We'll discuss fly pattern selection, the right gear, your approach and hopefully discern the missing pieces in your approach.

Come join us at the Royal Treatment Fly Shop finding the "missing pieces" of swung fly steelhead fishing!

Dec 14, 2014    10:00 - 11:30 Am

See the video trailer for this info packet seminar:

2014 Seminar Dates:
Jan 11
Feb 15
Mar 15