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Recent Testimonial from Water Time Outfitters Customer

Hi Rob,
On behalf of the three of us that fished with you and your stellar team of guides, I want to thank you for what was by far the best guided fishing trip I have ever been on! We talked to a person at one of the fly shops the day before the trip who stated that the steelhead counts were at a 10 year low. I was fully expecting this trip to be the same as every other with other guides where we didn’t catch anything for the 3 days. Don’t get me wrong, it is steelhead fishing so catching one is a bonus, and to have 6 fish between the 3 of us and 10 more hookups was phenomenal!

Not only were all the guides amazing at fishing, the food and accommodations exceeded all expectations.

Please sign us up for the same time next year, 4 fisherman or maybe 6 if I can pull it together.

Lastly, send me a good mailing address for you. I want to send you a gift you may find useful on the river. It is just to say thanks again for the best fishing trip I have ever been on.

Feel free to use this as a testimonial on your site.
Steve E.

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