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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Deschutes River Summer Steelhead Workshop


This workshop is designed to get walk in fly anglers comfortable with a variety of spots and techniques that will put them into fish on the Deschutes River between Maupin and Max Canyon.

Here is how it works. We start at the crack of 9:00 am at the ranch house (located just 2 miles from Sherars Falls) with coffee and donuts. We’ll review maps that will give you at least 24 productive steelhead runs that you can drive and walk to often these are spots we personally fish. With coffee in hand we’ll discuss the maps in detail.

Then when we’ve reached proper caffeine level we’ll grab a bunch of gear and head out to fish a few spots. At this time we cover: fishing techniques, fishing strategy, fly selection and more. This is also time to talk about lines, rods and rigging. We’ll have plenty of spey rods and nearly 20 fly lines for you to try out and get a feel for different systems. We will have ½ dozen spey rods and switch rods for you to try out and different lines to try on your own rod. If you need some basic spey casting lessons there is usually time for that as well.

If we actually catch a fish it will be by accident. The purpose of this workshop is to give you the tools you need to find, read, and properly fish good steelhead water the actual fishing will be secondary.

Around 1pm we’ll break for a hungry man’s lunch and then head on to some more spots with steelhead water you’ll want to drool on!

Available Class Dates:  July 28
                                      August 18
                                      Sept 22
Workshop cost is $100 including lunch and is limited to 6 anglers. Call 503-704-6449 or email to reserve your spot.

Deschutes River Caddis Fly Workshop

2012 Caddis Fly Workshop

Deschutes River Caddis Flies-Mystery Solved

Water Time Outfitters has the perfect package for fly anglers plying the Deschutes River during the summer.  Have you ever been there and experienced frustration-struggling for success while trout readily ate naturals? Or seen so many bugs on the water and not one rise to your dry fly? We explore these problems and offer solutions in this one day class. We'll meet on the water at 9am armed with coffee and donuts. We will have a detailed discussion of the caddis fly hatch, how it works and what patterns produce. Then we'll spend some time on the water revealing our tricks of the trade for best success. We provide a full lunch, an entomology session and an afternoon fishing session in this action packed day.

This class is taught by Rob Crandall, Water Time Outfitters guide and editor of Flyfishing & Tying Journal magazine.

Special Class offering is only July 21, prepayment is required to reserve your spot, fee is $100. Please email or call to enroll. 503-704-6449 or email:

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Father, Son Fishing Trip- River Lake Combo

Not far from Portland, Oregon are several angling treasures that have started many a new angler into fly fishing.  Oregon has some great outdoor opportunities and one of the best it has to offer is fly fishing.   Water Time Outfitters offers beginning fly fishing trips for those who want to get out and wet a line for the first time.  Building lasting memories and hooking new anglers on a lifetime passion is one of our favorite things. 

Our new friend Jay called and asked about getting him and his boys started in fly fishing.  We designed a custom package for him and his sons.  The first day would be at Rocky Ridge Ranch where we would fish one of the 3 private lakes with big rainbows and then stay at the lakeside cabin.  The following 3 days would be a float trip on the wild and scenic Deschutes River Canyon.  These options would give the group of father and 2 sons lasting memories, some great fishing, whitewater, epic scenery and new fly fishing skills.

Visit or email us at: to ask about a custom trip for your family and friends. 

Here are some of the pictures from their trip.

Deschutes Salmon Fly Report

May 26, 2012

Fishing on the Deschutes River has been excellent for the past week.  Weather fronts have presented different fishing situations but the variety of available insects and current hatches have kept the wild Deschutes River Redband trout with full bellies. 

The river rose a bit this week rising from around 4600 cfs to approximately 5200 cfs. 

Currently salmon flies and golden stones are available from Maupin to Warm Springs, a range of over 40 miles.  However, the farther downstream you go the fewer the number of adult salmon flies.  Golden stones are more predominant near Maupin and the numbers of those are starting to wane. 

Top patterns for this hatch have been:  Chubby Chernobyl, Norm Woods Special, Moorish fluttering stone, sofa pillow and stimulator patterns. 

This dandy rainbow what caught on a golden stone dry fly pattern cast under a tree with a bow and arrow cast by first time fly angler- Jay. 

Other hatches to be aware of now are the PMD (pale morning dun- mayfly) hatch which has been getting going around 10:30 and sputtering out around 3-4pm.  Some days this hatch can be very intense.  We recently had some rain during mid-day that really had the right combination of temperatures to bring off the hatch.  Fish were rising everywhere and especially liked an emerging PMD pattern. 

Caddis are showing as well and not to be ignored as the adult salmon fly wanes in the next few weeks this morsel will soon become the staple. 

See more info at:  Water Time Outfitter guides have been fishing the Deschutes for over 20 years.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Deschutes Salmon Fly Report

May 19th- our annual Salmon Fly Workshop was yesterday and the big bugs were there in full force.  Our workshop was held in the Maupin area and our class had a great time.  The water flow was great and the weather a comfortable 72 degrees.  Salmon flies and golden stones were both present below and above Maupin on the Deschutes River.  Located just 2 hours from Oregon's biggest city, Portland, this is an amazing fishery.

Golden stones are now the more dominant insect below Maupin.  This indicates the hatch is almost half done in this section.

Look close, there are a lot of bugs(trout food) in the grass in this photo above.
On thursday Golden Stones and Salmon flies were getting much more abundant in the Trout Creek area farther up the Deschutes River Canyon.  The Giant Salmon Flies or Black Stones are most abundant now in this section.  Golden stones are present as well but in smaller numbers.

See more hatch info at:

For more information on fishing the Deschutes river connect with a Water Time Outfitter guide at:

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Deschutes River Report

May 13th

Salmon flies are hatching on the Deschutes River right now!  Last week we saw the first few flying around the Maupin area and below.  Now there are golden stones and black stones flying and trout have started taking them around and below Maupin. 

We have seen hatched out salmon flies as far upstream as Warm Springs but that is still a ways out at this point. 

River levels have been dropping nicely.  We'll see what happens with this warm weather we are having and if it gives us another shot of snow melt. 

Good luck on the water!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Oregon Lake Fishing with Water Time Outfitters

Fly fishing lakes is a great way to experience some of the best fishing for Rainbow Trout that Oregon has to offer.  Water Time Outfitters has teamed up with some excellent properties to bring you the best in lake fly fishing.  We offer guided fly fishing trips on private catch and release waters at Rocky Ridge Ranch and on our unique Tygh Valley Lakes.  Both lakes are with-in a two hour drive from the Portland area and offer fly fishing for quality Rainbow trout.

Rocky Ridge Ranch: There couldn’t be a much better place to get started in fly fishing  than on the three private lakes at Rocky Ridge Ranch only  1 hour 45 minute drive from the Portland.  Excellent populations of Rainbow trout thrive in these waters with three seperate lakes to choose from.  Rainbows 16-20 inches are common and some have been caught up to 30 inches!  Get started fly fishing the right way or just advance your skills on some trophy trout waters.   Lake side cabin is available for rental as well. 

Tygh Valley Lakes:  Nestled in valley with plentiful deer, wild turkey and other wildlife are two bodies of water that abound in big fish growing habitat.  Weed growth along the edges here harbor all the insects you'd expect in a lake and rainbows over 20" are not uncommon.  A quiet setting that rarely sees anglers nestled on a working cattle ranch makes this fishing trip a unique experience.  Great for beginners or advanced anglers alike. 

Rocky Ridge Ranch

Rocky Ridge Ranch

Tygh Valley Lakes

Tygh Valley Lakes

Ask for more details at custom trips available with lodging.  Combine your fishing trip on the lakes with our section of private river float trip or a float trip on the world famous Deschutes River.  Come join the fun with Water Time Outfitters. 

Situk River in Alaska- Guide Gil Muhleman's Visit

Getting back to Alaska was great, especially considering the excellent company I was with.  The Situk River was different than I expected but the fish were incredible.  One of the largest wild steelhead runs in the world fins up the Situk River in Alaska.  This woody little river has an amazing and abundant system.  Fishing was good but similar to good fishing on the Oregon Coast peak time fishing.  Here are some pics.

Clackamas River Steelhead - Guide's Life

Living next to the Clackamas River my whole life it has been a challenge to get things done; who wants to go mow the lawn when the river is so close?  I am blessed to have an occupation that is also my passion.  The guides life isn't all fun on the river but it sure is a great place to call my office.  Since I was 5 years old, I have plied the waters of the Clackamas River.  Now a full time fishing guide, I get to share the love and passion for the river and it's fish with those who fish with me. 

Fly fishing the Clackamas is my favorite way to catch steelhead in the winter and spring.  We fish both swung flies and indicator strategies.  To maximize our time on the water we often swing flies through the good runs and then drift with indicators through the steelhead travel routes to intercept both wild and hatchery steelhead. 

We float the Clackamas in drift boats like Clackacraft's made right here in Clackamas, Oregon.  Drift boats give us versatility and stealth that jet boats don't have.  When the water is too high or an angler cannot wade we can swing flies right out of the boat.  We also can easily choose to fish dead-drift patterns out of the boat if fishing the swung fly has been very slow virtually eliminating down time.  The other asset of the quiet boat aside from not polluting gas and oil into our precious resource is the stealth it provides.  We can sneak into quiet riffles and shallow water spots inaccessible to big boats.

On the Clackamas River you may see, otter, beaver, deer, osprey, bald eagles, canadian geese, and a variety of ducks. 

The Clackamas river is located just 1/2 hour from the Portland airport.  Many lodging options are available.  Corporate events, weddings, business travel of all kinds bring anglers to the Clackamas River.  Whether an advanced fly fisher or a beginner we can help you make the most of your time on the water. 

Come join the fun!

Rob Crandall or email:

Deschutes River Steelhead "Boot Camp" September 2012

This course is the “Boot Camp” of Steelhead fly fishing. Get started fly fishing for steelhead on one of the best rivers in the country! The Deschutes River is famous for quality steelhead fishing and this course is timed for prime time fishing. Learn fly casting, techniques, tricks, fly selection, reading water, fly tying and much more.

This fishing adventure covers it all. Rods, reels and lines are available for you. We’ll have over 20 fly lines for you to fine tune your set up or use ours! Family style meals are prepared in our full camp kitchen-you won’t leave hungry. All meals supplied starting with lunch day 1 through lunch the last day. Comfortable camps are set right on good steelhead water. Large 14'x 14" canvas tents with ample height to easily stand are fitted with the most comfortable cots and river pads available.

This action packed adventure is led by Rob Crandall – editor of Flyfishing & Tying Journal magazine and owner of Water Time Outfitters a veteran guide of 20 years. Plus a professional staff of full time fishing guides like Gil Muhleman and Marty Smith will help you make the most of your water time. In between fishing, casting lessons and meals; try your hand at tying flies for steelhead. Sign up now to join in the fun!

Boot Camp timing is perfect for hooking steelhead on the swung fly with a floating line. This is the most exciting way to catch a steelhead! Float the beautiful Deschutes river canyon in drift boats rowed by knowledgeable guides and teachers who know every nook, cranny and secret spot on the river. *Special rate is based on 3 anglers per boat.

Deschutes River Steelhead Boot Camp $899

Sept 17, 18, 19

Limited to 9 anglers –spots fill fast, reserve your spot today.

Call 503-704-6449

Fly fish for the West’s best fish- Steelhead!

For more information on Water Time Outfitters visit our website: there, see the video from FLYFISHTV or visit our blog at:

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Clackamas River Summer Steelhead

The Clackamas River is in Oregon, not far from the city of Portland.  It flows out of the cascade mountains near Mt. Hood.  Snow melt accounts for much of the flow in the spring months.  Heavy snow pack years often brings the river up over its banks but running clear.  The Clackamas River is home to spring and fall Chinook, Coho salmon and both winter and summer Steelhead (our favorite). 

Steelhead fishing on the Clackamas River starts in December and extends through June most years.  However, there are Steelhead in the Clackamas River year round.  One of the most hardy and versatile fish of the Clackamas River are the summer steelhead.  These fish are of the Skamania strain steelhead and are stocked in the Clackamas to the tune of 160,000 smolt each year.  These fish are packed with extra fat and are excellent table fare.  They come into the river as early as March and stay in the river until the following late winter/spring before spawning.  Upon first arriving in the river these fish are explosive fighters often jumping high in the air multiple times. 

As the river warms into the spring months active steelhead will chase the swung fly aggressively.  Spey rods are the best tool to deliver big flies with lots of enticing movement.  Fishing these flies with a sink tip line gets them in front of the fish for the best results. 

The picture above is a client of Water Time Outfitters with his first Steelhead.  This fish was caught on the Clackamas river in May on a #7 weight Spey rod with a Skagit fly line and a sink tip. 

To book a trip on the Clackamas River call Water Time Outfitters 503-704-6449 or visit: