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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

New Shooting Head Line- Perfect for Switch Rods

This line is all the "Rage" and it's been a blast to cast.  The new Rage Compact Floating line by Airflow was designed to perform for switch rods as an excellent "in-between" line.  This line is between a Skagit head and a Scandanavian head in regards to it's taper.  I first got a sample at the Fly Tackle Dealer show in New Orleans this August.  It casts and performs smoothly.  I have yet to try a sink tip on it but the 420 grain head has been rocking out the line with my Sage Z-Axis-11' #7 switch rod. 

Winter Steelhead Workshops

Want to catch steelhead on the Trask, Wilson, Clackamas, NF Nehalem, Neccanicum River or Eagle Creek?
These workshops are designed to get walk in fly anglers comfortable with a variety of spots and techniques that will put them into fish on the Oregon's best coastal rivers.

Here is how it works. We start at the crack of 9:00 am at a designated location near the water with coffee and donuts. We’ll review maps that will give you at least a dozen productive steelhead runs that you can drive and walk to often these are spots we personally fish. With coffee in hand we’ll discuss the maps in detail.

Then when we’ve reached proper caffeine level we’ll grab a bunch of gear and head out to fish a few spots. At this time we cover: fishing techniques, fishing strategy, fly selection and more. This is also time to talk about lines, rods and rigging. We’ll have plenty of spey rods and nearly 20 fly lines for you to try out and get a feel for different systems. We will have ½ dozen spey rods and switch rods for you to try out and different lines to try on your own rod. If you need some basic spey casting lessons there is usually time for that as well.

If we actually catch a fish it will be by accident. The purpose of this workshop is to give you the tools you need to find, read, and properly fish good steelhead water the actual fishing will be secondary.

Around 1pm we’ll break for a hungry man’s lunch and then head on to some more spots with steelhead water you’ll want to drool on!
Classes offered:
Dec 17th - Clackamas and Eagle creek - meeting site Royal Treatment Fly Shop
Jan 6th -NF Nehalem River and Neccanicum R- meets at our river cabin
Jan 28 - Trask, Wilson and Kilches River class - meeting site to be determined

Need flies?  Royal Treatment Fly shop has a special package of winter steelhead flies for you:
Click here to see a recommeded selection of flies
Workshop cost is $100 including meals and is limited to 8 anglers. Call 503-704-6449 to reserve your spot.

Steelhead Prime Time!

This is it, Deschutes River Steelhead prime time!  This is the season of the year that really gets the drag screaming on your fly reel and fly anglers blood pumping.  Fishing has been excellent this fall with both trout and steelhead fishing going very well.  Come join the fun:

We have been catching good numbers of steelhead on the swung fly strategy both with a floating line and sink tips.  Sinking tip lines have been especially effective mid day.  Steelhead are moving aggressively to the standard fare of fly patterns.  Contact Royal Treatment Fly shop for a great selection of hot patterns- 503-850-4397.

Trout fishing has been excellent as well with some cooler days and great caddis action.  This time of year trout are in prime condition.  We've been seeing the backing with our 5 weights lately landing some dandy fat trout. 

Fires on the river this year caused by lightning strikes have changed the look of the river in many places.  See pic below taken near North Junction. 

Monday, September 12, 2011

Steelhead Workshops on the Deschutes River

We've completed our scheduled steelhead fly fishing workshops on the Deschutes River.  Thank you to all who attended.  Best of luck on the water trying out your new information and polished skills.

We will be offering more steelhead workshops in the future and hope you attend.  Visit: or email: for current info.

Good fishing! 

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Deschutes Chromers

Steelhead fishing is full swing on the Deschutes river and the fishing has been great.  Each day on the water is a fresh new opportunity to find more steelhead and getting a steelhead to take the swung fly is one of the best fly fishing experiences there is!  If you haven't done it you certainly must try. 

Steelhead are spread out in the entire lower river.  Water conditions have been stable with good flows and clarity. 

Thank you to all the particpants of our Deschutes river steelhead workshops this season.  You guys were great!  We plan to offer more sessions next year. 

Wild fires have created a lot of smoke in the canyon earlier in September and the lightning storms of late August really started a lot of fires.  The Razorback Fire was quite destructive upriver from Maupin.  Most of the fires are out now and we are still discovering new areas that have burned. 

Be safe on the water and experience the "swung fly Steelhead"!