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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Clackamas Steelhead Late April

We've got a taste of summer weather this week for our spey anglers swinging flies on the Clackamas river. Temperatures in the 80's have us breaking out of the t-shirts, ditching the long underwear/winter clothing mindset and reaching for the sunscrean.   Meanwhile summer steelhead are showing up on the Clackamas River near Portland, Oregon.  Water flows have been good if not on a bit on the high side.  This weeks flows have been on the drop with water levels at 13'8" on monday and dropping to 13'3" by wednesday.

On the Clackamas we use a jet boat to move from spot to spot where we wade through great steelhead wader using the cast, swing, step approach.  Water temps are rising but still the best success has been with sinking tip lines.  Common sink tips at T-8, T-11 and T-14.  Skagit fly lines and big flies combine with these sink tips to produce an easy to cast presentation that steelhead love.

Grabs are often very aggressive and explosive takes followed by line blistering runs are common for the hatchery based summer steelhead on the Clackamas.  Some of these fish fight so hard and are so fast they are litterally unlandable!  For more information on fishing the Clackamas River on the fly contact guide Rob Crandall or visit our website at:

Clackamas River Summer Steelhead
Spring Chinook caught on the swung fly

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Clackamas River Report

Winter hatchery broodstock numbers are winding down with a mix of wild fish still spread through the system.  River levels have been at a spring low of 12'5" recently.  Water temperatures have been rising and are consistently 44-48 degrees.  Insect activity is picking up and hatches of new insects appear most days with a salmonfly or two in the recent mix.  Smolt are outmigrating in big numbers.  Osprey have showed up and are working them over hard.  Barbless hooks are best for this time of year!  

Summer steelhead are a bit slow in arriving this year.  Hopefully strong numbers show up soon.  Reports of a few Chinook entering the Clackamas have been rumored.  

Algae is starting to grow on the rocks so bring your spikes for wading!

For more info on fishing the Clackamas River visit: 

Beginners Guide to Flyfishing - Portland Area class

Start your fly fishing right with good fundamentals and fun!  This introduction to fly fishing is a great course for the beginner, a gift, or fun for the whole family.  

This one day session starts in the classroom at Royal Treatment Fly Shop in West Linn, Oregon.  After our introduction to fly fishing, knot tying, rigging and fish behavior we’ll head to our local water.     There we’ll cover beginning fly casting, fly fishing techniques and strategies for trout along the banks of the Clackamas River.  A get started class information packet is included.

This class covers:
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  • Equipment
  • Fly selection
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  • Entomology
  • On Water instruction

Don’t let the mystery of fly fishing keep you from enjoying a great sport.  Let us help you untangle the myths of fly fishing and get started right.  

For this 6 hour course rods and reels are provided.  Bring your waders/boots, fishing license, and lunch. This special class is being held:  June 21st, 2014.

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Clackamas River Fishing Report

Fishing has been good on the Clackamas river chasing the chromers of early spring!  The weather has been mostly agreeable with some ups and downs on the water levels this month but we haven't seen a blowout of muddy water the entire month.  Chrome bright fish are arriving daily.  Some days there are more fish around than others and each day a good amount of hunting is often required to find silver.  The fish we see in the month of April in the Clackamas are often a mix of steelhead stocks.  Wild fish chrome bright are still arriving as well as some of the hatchery broodstock based on these wild fish.  The other stock of fish trickling in this year are the summer steelhead.  These robust fighters are often unlandable as they are incredibly acrobatic and balistic fighters!

Fishing the Clackamas River we use a swung fly strategy with spey rods.  Spey casting is a fun and enjoyable way to cover a lot of water fast.  Water temps have been mostly in the 40 degrees range and we typically employ fast sinking tips on the end of Skagit head fly lines.

We use a jet boat on the Clackamas river to cover a range of the best runs quickly.  See more about fishing the Clackamas River with

Here are a few photos of lucky anglers who landed steelhead on the swung fly this April on the Clackamas River.

Tanner Crandall our "7 year old guide in training..."

Beginning Fly Fishing Class - Deschutes River Oregon

Start your fly fishing right with good fundamentals and fun!  This introduction to fly fishing on the famous Deschutes River is a great course for the beginner, a gift, or fun for the whole family.  This special class is taught by pro guide and magazine editor Rob Crandall. 

This two part class first covers the basics in the classroom at Royal Treatment Fly shop. The second session is on the Deschutes River near Maupin.  The Deschutes is Oregon’s premier blue ribbon trout river.  Here we cover how to rig, fly casting lesson, on water bug study-what do fish eat, fly fishing techniques and on water fishing for trout.  A get started class information packet is included.

This class covers: Fly fishing terminology, Fly fishing knots, Proper rigging, Equipment,

Fly selection, Fly casting, Entomology, and On Water Fishing instruction.  For this 8 hour course rods and reels are provided if needed or bring your own.  Bring your waders, boots, fishing license, polarized glasses, lucky fishing hat and lunch.

May 1, classroom session 6-8pm

May 3 on the Deschutes River

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