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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Summer Fun in Oregon

The opportunities for summer fun in Oregon give the traveling angler/family a platefull of many options.  Fishing, hiking, swimming, skiiing, horseback riding, boating, wine tasting, and much more await. What ever the reason for visiting Oregon you need to experience some fishing while you are here.   To pick the best of the low hanging fruit of opportunities we have a few things for you to consider while you vacation your summer away in Oregon.

Mt. Hood is the centerpeice of Oregon seperating the lush green of western Oregon from the tan dry sage and juniper trees of central and eastern Oregon.  The Mt. Hood National Forest is one of the largest public segments of land in Oregon.  The Mt. Hood Wilderness area surrounds Mt. Hood and is full of spectacular views and some great hikes.  Timberline Lodge on the highest road on Mt Hood is a national treasure and a living history of the United States (multiple trail heads leave from this location).  The wood work here is amazing and the specialty coffee and brunches are a fantastic.  Ski camps operate here year round with some of the only summer ski programs in the lower 48. 

Mt. Hood sees it's best weather in July and August.

Timberline Lodge is home to one of the few year round ski areas in the lower 48.

The local wildlife are well fed.

Wildflowers can be found in amazing settings on Mt Hood -July through August.

Hiking in the Salmon River meadows.

The Mt Hood Wilderness area offers many miles of hiking and amazing views. 

If you like to camp, Oregon has many options.  The Mt Hood National Forest to begin with has a wide variety of campsites for tents and rv's.  Popular camping areas are: Timothy Lake, Clear Lake, Trillium Lake (great views of Mt Hood) and the upper Clackamas River. 

Camping at Clear Lake on Mt. Hood.  Summer fun for the family!

Another favorite is camping on the Metolius River.  This is truly one of Oregon's finest locations for summer relaxing and natural beauty.  In the midst of the Cascade mountain range and south of Mt. Hood you will find the Metolius.  A natural spring creek which literally bubbles out of the ground near Sisters, Oregon.  Walk the trail to see the source of the Metolius- it boggles the mind; also, bring some peanuts for the chipmunks here, they are quite entertaining. 

The Metolius River area has many things to offer the traveler who wants a relaxing hideaway.  Cabins for rent here make it easy with riverside views.  For a great retreat check out Fishing here can be tough but rewarding.  The Metolius fish are beautiful and wild.  You may find: rainbow trout, brook trout, kokanee, whitefish and bull trout in the Metolius River.  For supplies you will want to stop into the General Store at Camp Sherman.  Here you will find the most well stocked general store you ever saw!  They have some great coffee too. 

The Metolius River is a scenic river you'll want to see when visiting Oregon

Metolius River has a variety of fish species.  See some great info at the Wizzard Falls Fish Hatchery.

Fishing the Metolius can be a tough endeavor, watch for the hatch to happen and match closely.  These fish have PHD's in anglers.  When the fishing here drives you nuts, head to Oregon's top rated Deschutes River.

The Deschutes River's best fishing is the lower 100 miles where it is known as a tail-water river.  Below two dams the river flows and temperatures are well regulated.  This produces excellent hatches and great fishing for trout and steelhead.  Steelhead enter the river in July and are available through November.  Trout fishing is best from May through October. 

The Deschutes River wild trout are know as Redband Trout and are strong fighters.
Water Time Outfitters offers fishing trips on Oregon's finest waters including the Deschutes River.  We've been guiding for over 20 years and can help you plan your fishing adventure.  Most of our fishing options are with-in a two hour drive of popular destinations in Oregon.  We fish the Deschutes River, White River, the Clackamas River, Oregon Coastal Rivers and more!  Let us help you find the fishing adventure you seek. 

Deschutes River Steelhead

August is a hot month on the Deschutes River.  Hot because not only the weather can be very warm but the fishing can be excellent!  Summer run steelhead migrating up the Columbia river swim past Astoria, Portland, Multnomah Falls, Hood River and the Dalles before they see the cool waters of the Deschutes River.   An arduous journey that is for them just the beginning of their long quest in fresh water. 

Fishing has been mostly good as of late and fish are moving to the swung fly on the surface in the mornings and evenings.  The water temperature has dropped another degree but subject to the hot spells that may show up this time of year.  August is consistently a warm month, with hot dry winds blowing in the afternoons. 

Ripe blackberries bring a sweet smell to your nose this time of year on the Deschutes River.

Floating and fishing the lower Deschutes river is truly an amazing experience.  One can see deer, bighorn sheep and other wildlife.  Here the angler has mile after mile of great water to swing a fly in.

Come see the fun of the Deschutes River with Water Time Outfitters.

Private Waters Update

Our private water access on White River has been excellent this year.  We have been having a blast in this beautiful little stream finding lots of feisty rainbows.  Our numbers this year are very good with the size of the average fish down from years past.  Things are looking good for the next few year as this class of fish mature.  We also are seeing unbeleivable numbers of fry meaning that the spawn was very successful this spring. 

Often this glacial fed river is running milky during the hot part of August.  So far this year we have had crystal clear water conditions.  This bodes well for the opportunity of some excellent hopper dry fly action. 

Come join the fun in an amazing get away where few anglers have fished.  This private section of river is all land locked and we often see many deer, wild turkeys and other wildlife without seeing another angler. 

You might want to stay at the nearby ranch house with stunning views of the valley just a moment away from the river. 

Plan your fishing adventure with Water Time Outfitters offering fishing adventures on Oregon's finest waters.  We fish the Deschutes River, the Clackamas, NF Nehalem, Wilson, Trask and many more.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Deschutes Steelhead Hit Stride

Chrome bright steelhead pour into the Deschutes River this time of year.  Each day over the Dalles Dam an average of 2-5000 fish swim past the dam and into the mouth of the Deschutes River.  These snappy fish are aggressive hard fighters often taking you into the backing. 

Swung flies with a floating line are best in the morning and evening while the shade is on the water.

All wild fish should be quickly released unharmed.  Come join the fun with Water Time Outfitters on the Deschutes River.