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Friday, March 29, 2013

Meet the Guides- Rob Crandall

Click the link below to see a short video clip of fly fishing guide and editor of Flyfishing & Tying Journal magazine - Rob Crandall

Oregon's Clackamas River & A Steelhead for Jim

A great day on the water with Joel La Follette of Royal Treatment Fly shop and Jim Drew.  A beautiful sunny day in March, great water conditions and some feisty steelhead.  What could be better?  This trip we caught both winter/spring run stock of steelhead and the early Skamania run summer steelhead.  We were using spey rods with sink tips and some specially tied flies by Rob Crandall.

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Friday, March 22, 2013

Fishing Report - end of March

Lots going on with this time of year for Steelhead fishing.  It's that crazy time of year where the weather can't make up it's mind if it is going to be winter or spring.  Just yesterday we saw snow on the morning drive, sun, rain, hail, wind, sun and more snow on the drive home.  Ok, dress up in the gortex, thermals and let's got there is so much to do!  Trout fishing is just around the corner and people are already starting to talk about salmon flies.  While fishing the coast we have been seeing March Browns and actually a large stone flapping on the water before us yesterday.

Coastal steelhead:  It's been a bit slower than last year in most cases but consistent fishing since January.  We've seen a lot of low water this year and have finally received a few blasts of rain.  Each blast of rain we see some new fish arrive and breath a sigh of relief as we row the boat through more "normal" water levels for this time of year.  (Earlier in the season backs were sore as we wrestled the boats with  more "rock rowing" than anyone should have to do in a "rain forest").  Wild fish are the norm in most of our Oregon North Coast spots with hatchery fish showing on the Wilson and Nestucca.  We have a few more weeks on the Wilson, Trask and Nestucca before thing drop off.  The NF will close at the end of March.

What we've missed in a lack of numbers of fish has sure been offset by the massive size of steelhead returning this year.  I have personally seen 5 fish in the 20 plus pound range in the last 2 months and saw one swim under my boat the was truly the largest I have ever seen in real life- way over 20!!.

Clackamas River:  Rain has definitely helped encourage fish to sneak up the Clack and fishing has been improving.  We have a mix of wild, broodstock hatchery fish and some early summer runs showing in the Clackamas.  These fish will spread out through the system from the mouth of the river to Rivermill dam.  This season is just hitting stride and I will be out there most every day in the sled or drift boat plying the waters.
Here is a fish that was caught by author Don Roberts on tuesday.

Deschutes:  Trout fishing will be full swing by May with the salmon fly hatch expected perhaps a bit early than the early arrival of the last few years if we are lack luster on our snow pack.  We'll see how the remainder of spring goes.  At this point it looks like we will sneak around a big run off and have more agreeable water levels for the famous salmon fly hatch.  Look for things to break loose the second week of May around Maupin and then work upriver from there.  For right now, expect a few BWO's mid-day and some March browns to be popping.

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Lake Fly Fishing Class- May 2013

Want to get started fly fishing lakes or just learn to fly fish?  This is a great class to get going and learn in a fun and informative atmosphere.  This is a two part class that gives you the tools you need to get a good start on fly fishing lakes.

Part 1 is held at a fly shop classroom covering the basics.  Knot tying, rigging, fly selection, lake discussion and gear are covered here.  2 hour session.

Part 2 is held on a private ranch near Tyghe Valley, OR. (approximately 1:45 minutes from Portland). These fertile lakes host an excellent population of rainbow trout.  Food sources are prolific and range from midges, callibaetis, damsel and leeches. Trout are often caught up to 16-18" with some up to 10lbs in these lakes.  Here we cover fly casting starting with square one or building on your current skills.  We cover fishing techniques and strategies, provide a hot lunch and spend the day on the water.

Bring your lucky fishing hat a camera and makes some fly fishing memories in our fly fishing lakes class.

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Salmon Fly Workshop - Deschutes River

Water Time Outfitters offers the perfect package for fly anglers plying the Deschutes River salmon fly hatch.  Have you ever been there and experienced frustration- struggling for success while trout readily ate the natural insect?  Or, have you seen so many bugs on the water and yet not one rise?  We explore these problems and offer solutions in this one day class.  We'll meet at 9AM armed with coffee and donuts and go through a detailed discussionof the salmonfly hatch, how it works, and what patterns produce.  Then we'll spend time n the water revealing tricks of the trade for best success.  We provide a full lunch, an entomology session and and afternoon fishing session in this action packed day.

This class is taught by Water Time Outfitters guide- Gil Muhleman.

This special class offering is only May 18, prepayment is required to reserve your spot.  Fee is only $100.  Please email or call Rob Crandall to save your spot:  503-704-6449

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Monday, March 11, 2013

Amazing North Coast Steelhead

March is prime time for big wild fish on Oregon's coastal rivers.  Some incredible tough fighting fish are showing.  Here's one a client caught this last week.  Visit for more info.

Clackamas Summer Steelhead

Clackamas River Summer Steelhead start entering the river as early as February and reach full stride in May, June and early July.  Here is a photo of the Clackamas River near McIver Park in late June.

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