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Monday, April 30, 2012

Flyfishing & Tying Journal - Summer 2012

Flyfishing & Tying Journal - summer 2012 issue is now available.  Water Time Outfitter's owner Rob Crandall is also editor of FTJ.  In this issue we have some great information for the fly fisherman as well as the fly tier.  See a great photo essay by Dale Spartas on Hoppers Up Close.  Go to the riverside with Dave Hughes and explore the edges for big trout.  Gary Lewis talks about the 7 Wonders of Oregon and Al Ritt gives us 10 Wet Flies Trout Can't Resist.  Also, Harry Murray gives us the inside scoop on fishing Tricos and cress bugs for wiley trout. 

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Deschutes River an Oregon Fishing Treasure

Nestled in the center of the state and forming a squiggling line on the Oregon map is the most famous river in the western United States, the Deschutes River.  Know for native redband trout, great steelhead fishing and whitewater rafting the Deschutes river flows to the Columbia river at an average of 6 miles per hour.  The river itself originating near Little Lava lake high in Oregon's Cascade Mountains flows 252 miles north to the Columbia River.  Home to wild trout, steelhead, salmon and endangered bull trout the fertile waters of the Deschutes are a living oasis in what truely is the high desert of Oregon.

                        The Deschutes River near the base of White Horse Rapids

Home to wild trout and good runs of steelhead the Deschutes River is the go to river for most anglers in the region.  Stable water flows a side effect of being a tail water river (river which flows out of a large dam) enhance insect hatches and fishability.  The most famous hatch on the Deschutes River is the Salmon fly hatch.  This insect is up to 3" long and a great meal for hungry trout.  Other prolific hatches through-out the year include: blue wing olive and pale morning dun mayflies and a handfull of caddisflies.

                           Deschutes River has Giant Salmon Flies and Golden Stones

Flowing mostly through BLM lands, some private ranch lands and bordered by the Warm Springs Indian tribe for nearly 20 miles the Deschutes has bountiful optiosn for both the boating and bank bound angler.  The lower 100 miles of the Deschutes River is the most prolific and abundant section of the river and where most anglers focus their attention.

Access on the lower 100 miles of the Deschutes is available in many forms.  The first access point below Pelton Dam is the Warm Springs area.  There is a boat launch located just off HWY 26 near the town of Warm Springs.  A second access point is found just 2 miles down river at Mecca Flats, here there are picnic tables and camp sites.  About 10 miles down from Mecca Flats campground is another fishing access point.  This is called the Trout Creek campground.  Boat launch, vault toilets, and campsites are found here.  This section of river borders the Warm Springs Reservation on the west side of the river.  Boating passes are available at for the section of river from Dry Creek to Trout Creek about 8 miles.

                                      Water Time Outfitter's Riverside Camp

Once past Trout Creek access is limited and boaters passing Trout Creek must be commited to about 30 mile float and some serious whitewater.  First time floaters are advised to go with a guide.  Whitehorse rapids lives in this section of the river.  It is a famous rapid with rocks in it who have earned names like: "can opener", "house rock", "slide rock" and most famous- "Oh shit rock."  Portable toilets and boating passes are required to float this section of river.  Boater passes are required for any floating device on the Deschutes.  Passes on the lower river are subject to limited passes.  These passes are regulated by the BLM and are available at:

         Water Time Outfitters clients enjoying a ride through Buckskin Mary Rapids

The town of Maupin is sandwiched in the middle of the lower Deschutes River.  At about the 60 mile marker this section of river is popular with rafters as there are series of great whitewater rapids in this section of river.  Rapids like Boxcar, Oaksprings,Elevator shaft and Wreck rapids make for an exciting adventure in a whitewater raft.   

The bumpiest gravel access road on the river stretches from below Sherars Falls.  It is miles of 15 mph driving.  (Recent road work may help- spring 2012).  This road takes you to Max Canyon, the end of the road for non-floating access.  From Max Canyon it is 22 river miles to the mouth where the Deschutes meets the Columbia river.  This section of river has multiple user groups.  Jet boats are allowed every other weekend, drift boats and rafts frequent this stretch in summer and fall.  Here you may see big horn sheep treading the steep hills of the big canyon. 

For Deschutes River fly patterns a must stop shop in the Portland area is Royal Treatment Fly Shop.  Call Joel at: 503-850-4397 for the latest on what patterns are hot right now.

The Deschutes River has much to offer from excellent trout and steelhead fishing, whitewater rafting, and sight seeing this green emerald in the tan colored high desert of Oregon is a great get-away for any outdoor enthusiast. 

Mark Ellis (who was second baseman for the Oakland A's at the time) and his first steelhead with guide Rob Crandall

For the best of guided fishing trips on the Deschutes River connect with Rob Crandall at Water Time Outfitters.  Rob has been guiding the Deschutes for over 20 years and his energetic but patient attitude is fun to be around.  Wether learning or adding a great river to a long list of waters you've fished Rob will do his best to make it a great day.  Call Rob at 503-704-6449.  Rob and his crew of top guides will do their best to make the most of your water time.
To book a fishing trip or ask for more info:  click here

Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Guide's Life- Westfly Interview with Rob Crandall

Listen to this inteview with Rob Crandall a fly fishing guide of 20 years, discussing life as a fishing guide.  Interview is with Scott Richmond of Westfly has lots of great online information on fly fishing Oregon, Washington, and Idaho.

Location is the Clackamas River not far from Portland, Oregon. 

Click here for the Audio Interview

See more about Rob Crandall at:

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Clackamas River Fishing Update

Fishing has been consistent in April on the Clackamas River.  We've been getting into fish everyday.  We are fishing both swung fly strategies and indicator techniques.  Both are working.  We have wild winter steelhead, broodstock hatchery steelhead and early summer steelhead in the river right now. 

With water flows up and down we are watching for good flow levels to get on the river.  The weather has been much warmer and the water temperatures are slowly increasing and now reaching around 45.  Canadian Geese are paired up and are all over the river banks.  We'll soon be seeing their fuzzy little offspring.  Each day we are seeing bald eagles.  Earlier in the week two deer crossed the river right in front of us. 

Spring is here and the colors are vivid as the green buds bloom out on river foliage.  It's a great time of year to be fishing the Clackamas River. 

Come join the fun for a great river float and fishing adventure:

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Flyfish Jim and Flytyking-Dave meet Possum Creek

A memorable day on Possum creek with the legendary Fly Tying King- Dave and his world wide angler friend, Flyfish-Jim.  Hard to find a better duo to have in your boat anywhere.  Ribbings were plenty, scenery super and fishing good for an April day with sun, rain and little wind.

Nehalem River Salmon

A bright spot for Nehalem River Chinook Salmon run.  Check out this link with Chris Knutsen - regional manager for ODFW. 

Nehalem River Chinook counts

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Deschutes River Report

The Deschutes river is still on the high side but below where things were last year at this time. We are hoping for a more moderate spring run-off than last year. It looks like we have a good snow pack so what really will happen with run-off is yet to be seen.

Current river level is:  7460 cfs at Madras

If you are fishing the Deschutes now, look for March browns and blue wing olives to be hatching mid-day. Nymphing with stoneflies, pheasant tails and san juan worms will yeild high water results. Look for the Deschutes Salmon fly hatch to get going the second week of May near Maupin. We still have some spots left so book your spot soon!


A friend of mine passed this my way. It's a great song with strong lyrics.  Perhaps it is what you need to hear today.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Deschutes River Steelhead Boot Camp 2012

This course is the “Boot Camp” of Steelhead fly fishing.   Get started fly fishing for steelhead on one of the best rivers in the country!  The Deschutes River is famous for quality steelhead fishing and this course is timed for prime time fishing.  Learn fly casting, techniques, tricks, fly selection, reading water, fly tying and much more. 

This fishing adventure covers it all.  Rods, reels and lines are available for you.  We’ll have over 20 fly lines for you to fine tune your set up or use ours!  Family style meals are prepared in our full camp kitchen-you won’t leave hungry.  All meals supplied starting with lunch day 1 through lunch the last day.  Comfortable camps are set right on good steelhead water. Large 14'x 14" canvas tents with ample height to easily stand are fitted with the most comfortable cots and river pads available.

This action packed adventure is led by Rob Crandall – editor of Flyfishing & Tying Journal magazine and owner of Water Time Outfitters a veteran guide of 20 years.  Plus a professional staff of full time fishing guides like Gil Muhleman and Marty Smith will help you make the most of your water time.  In between fishing, casting lessons and meals; try your hand at tying flies for steelhead.  Sign up now to join in the fun! 

Boot Camp timing is perfect for hooking steelhead on the swung fly with a floating line.  This is the most exciting way to catch a steelhead!  Float the beautiful Deschutes river canyon in drift boats rowed by knowledgeable guides and teachers who know every nook, cranny and secret spot on the river. *Special rate is based on 3 anglers per boat.

Deschutes River Steelhead Boot Camp:

Sept 17, 18, 19

  Limited to 9 anglers – spots fill fast, reserve your spot today.

Call 503-704-6449

 Fly fish for the West’s best fish- Steelhead!

For more information on Water Time Outfitters visit our website:  there, see the video from FLYFISHTV or visit our blog at:

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Steelhead Battle Video- Highlights from Feb/Mar 2012

Here is a little video we put together on some of the little highlights we caught with the video camera the last couple months while chasing Oregon steelhead. 

Check it out:

Come visit us on a great Oregon Steelhead river soon. 

The Tug is the Drug!