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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Deschutes Salmon Fly Report

May 26, 2012

Fishing on the Deschutes River has been excellent for the past week.  Weather fronts have presented different fishing situations but the variety of available insects and current hatches have kept the wild Deschutes River Redband trout with full bellies. 

The river rose a bit this week rising from around 4600 cfs to approximately 5200 cfs. 

Currently salmon flies and golden stones are available from Maupin to Warm Springs, a range of over 40 miles.  However, the farther downstream you go the fewer the number of adult salmon flies.  Golden stones are more predominant near Maupin and the numbers of those are starting to wane. 

Top patterns for this hatch have been:  Chubby Chernobyl, Norm Woods Special, Moorish fluttering stone, sofa pillow and stimulator patterns. 

This dandy rainbow what caught on a golden stone dry fly pattern cast under a tree with a bow and arrow cast by first time fly angler- Jay. 

Other hatches to be aware of now are the PMD (pale morning dun- mayfly) hatch which has been getting going around 10:30 and sputtering out around 3-4pm.  Some days this hatch can be very intense.  We recently had some rain during mid-day that really had the right combination of temperatures to bring off the hatch.  Fish were rising everywhere and especially liked an emerging PMD pattern. 

Caddis are showing as well and not to be ignored as the adult salmon fly wanes in the next few weeks this morsel will soon become the staple. 

See more info at:  Water Time Outfitter guides have been fishing the Deschutes for over 20 years.

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