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Monday, February 6, 2012

Something A Little Different

Greetings all,

        Well with Super Bowl weekend Ally and I went to visit friends in Eastern Oregon.  Knowing that there are still some Steelhead in the rivers that way I just happened to slip in a couple rods.  I know that the weekend was a very busy one on the Coastal Streams and was pleasantly surprised to find several willing fish to the East without any other anglers!  This is a reminder to us all that sometimes thinking outside the box results in an uncrowded experience and great times for all.  The following are pictures from Saturdays outing with a couple of my great friends:

We ended the day hooking 10 fish and landing 8.  Many of these fish were wild and when there was not a good place to quickly land and release them we focused on getting them back home without risking a picture.

Gil Muhleman
Water Time Outfitters


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