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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Record Steelhead Run- NF Nehalem

We've been catching a lot of fish this year, so we know its been good but now we know how good.  The NF Nehalem hatchery is reporting a record run of winter steelhead for the 2011/2012 run.  So far to the hatchery they have received 3060 steelhead.  That is the all time best return for any year on the NF.  Why is that such a great number?  Remember the NF is a small body of water.  Also, add in that there may have been at least half that number in harvested fish.  I know we've harvested a good number this year.

NF Nehalem Video - 2012

In addition to good returns to the hatchery, it appears that the wild steelhead run which tend to return later to the system have had a good early showing.  Just recently there were 4 wild fish landed on the disabled platform at the hatchery.  We have caught wild fish on nearly every trip as well.  That bodes well for the later, prime time for wild fish. 

We hope this record run translates to other steelhead returns on our other favorite rivers and often when its good for one batch of steelhead in the ocean, its good for the whole region. 

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