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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Tune-Up your Beat Up Cataract Oars

I've been using Cataract Oars for over 25 years and love the quality, durability and strength.  After many years of getting beat on rocks, trees and what ever else comes along in the life of a fishing guide (enter the memory of rattle snake in camp)...and these oars get used and abused.  Over time the smooth glossy finish wears off and annoying graphite splinters pepper the surface of the oars.  Here's what I do when that happens.

Lots of use wears the beautiful finish these oars have when new.

 I start with 100 grit sand paper and then switch to 150- 200 grit.

Wipe the oar with a towel between sanding.  I also use gloves to keep small splinters at bay.

Spray several coats of clear Polyurathane or Clear Satin Enamel, let it dry and wipe down with towel again.  Sand with 250 grit for any additional imperfections and reapply spray.

Good looking oar with no more splinters!

For awesome quality oars of another variety check out my friend Kenny Kiley's hand made oars and paddles:

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