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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Big Bugs Taste Great! Deschutes River Salmon Flies

It's that time of year again or actually it's super early but things are getting started wether you are ready or not- the annual migration of the biggest bug of the Deschutes River is starting.  Big black stoneflies and goldens are crawling out and hatching while I write this on Oregon's most famous river.  This is a monumental hatch and bugs up to three inches are the fare.  This pulls some of the biggest cagey trout from the depths to dine on the surface while bug wiggling by like cheeseburgers on a conveyor belt are served.  Needless to say it's prime time!

This year's hatch is arriving early, with snow pack at miniscule levels and a warm spring is contributing.  Water temps have warmed up enough to trigger the feast and trout are starting to look upward.  This hatch often gets going with a lot of bugs a-flutter before the wild Deschutes Redband trout will key on them.  We are still some time away from that but don't wait until your traditional time to get out there.  Things may be done by then.  Warm weather can help accelerate the hatch just like cool rainy weather seems to slow it down.

Just late last week (May 1) there were salmon flies flying around Maupin and some reported up to Whitehorse.  None at Warmsprings yet but we can expect that with-in a week or so.

For now all eyes are on the Deschutes and the big bug smorgasborg about to happen!

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