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Friday, September 26, 2014

September Fishing Report - Deschutes River

Things are going good and fall is here.  I’m loving the bit of cooler weather.  The leaves are changing color and the Deschutes canyon is calling out – “It’s Steelhead Time!”  Trout fishing has been good too with an assortment of trout tasty treats.  We are seeing good numbers of Mahogany Duns, midges, some caddis 16-20, occasional bwo’s and the October caddis are starting to show.  Trout food this time of year is mostly very small.  We found some good trout fishing mid-day in the back eddies and mid-mornings in the riffles. 

Steelhead of course are the main target this time of year and fish are spread through the system.  We have been fishing with the jet sled in the lower 22 miles of the Deschutes.  Fishing has been very good with consistent results most days.  A mix of both hatchery and wild fish are in the river now.  We have had good success swinging flies with floating lines in the morning and evening.  Our best patterns have been standard flies like green butt skunks, streetwalkers and fly dejour.  

Of important note for floaters on the upper section of the Deschutes.  Whitehorse Rapid has a log jammed into the rocks in the upper section (worst part) near “can-opener rock”.  This could be very hazardous and we highly recommend scouting this before floating.

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Trout are busy finding mayflies in the eddies.

Seattle Seahawks fans ready for a great day on the river!

 Hatchery steelhead caught in full sun

Fish on!

On a sad note, the fires earlier this year have destroyed many miles of river habitat in the section from Kaskella to locked gate.  The remaining green grassy spots not burned by the fires have been destroyed by cattle in this section both on the reservation and below it.

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