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Monday, June 24, 2013

Oregon's Best Never Heard of Trout Spot

Trout fishing in Oregon offers a great diversity of venues for the fly fishing angler.  From the rain-forest rivers of the coast, the lush Willamette Valley streams to the high desert jewels east of the cascade mountain range-Oregon has a lot to offer.  One little known stream known as White River is just one of those jewels.  White River flows from the glacial ice of Mt. Hood east into the big waters of the Deschutes River.  Along the way it gathers nutrients from smaller tributaries.  Once it enters the big valley on ranch lands it has morphed from a mountain stream to a lush valley river with hatches, hoppers and sculpins.  The reason most people have never heard of great fishing on White River is that most of the best waters are on private grounds.  National Forest lands in upper reaches offer access and BLM lands below White River Falls State Park offer access to the river.  In between private lands dominate the landscape and access is exclusively on private land.  Here landowner's control access as they control not only the high water mark but the land below the water as this is not classified as a "navitable" river considering there is a 150' water fall on it.   Decent fishing can be found below White River Falls and public access is allowed here.  A trail leads down river below the falls and toward the Deschutes River.

Come join Water Time Outfitters on a unique float trip on one of Oregon's little know sweet spots.  We float a section of White River all on private grounds and inaccessible to the public.  Here trout fishing like fishing anywhere can be tough and rewarding or hot and amazing on any given day.    Good numbers of smaller trout in the 8-14" range are available.  Some days the big fish will yield the shade of undercut banks and find your fly.  These fish can be as large as 25".  Float in a raft with our local guide, enjoy a bbq shore lunch with all the fixings and experience a river full of trout and wildlife untouched by the crowds.

Click the arrow below to see a short video of fishing WHITE RIVER.

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