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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Portland Sportsman's Show- Steelhead

We just finished the Portland Sportsman’s Show and are looking ahead at a super year of fishing.  I did something new there.  I provided some seminars in the “Steelhead River”.  This was a fake river inside the show with actual steelhead in it.  I did a 1 hour talk on steelhead fly fishing techniques.  We covered the swung fly approach with both dries and wet flies.  It was crazy when I hooked and landed fish in this artificial river with rocks, trees and bushes hanging in the water.  Anyhow it was a fun way to talk about my favorite thing- catching steelhead on the fly!  

The new Vision rod I was using was the Vision Switch Rod- 10'11" #8.  

Hope all is well for you and yours! 

Rob Crandall

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