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Monday, July 30, 2012

Deschutes Steelhead and Sockeye!!!!

I stopped by Shears Falls Sunday evening for about a half hour.  In that time I was fortunate to see the first adult Sockeye caught at the fish trap this year!!!  They are getting a little more color to them at this point.  It is illegal to keep a Sockeye on the Deschutes River.  With the Fall Chinook season opening Wednesday I thought I might help you all tell the difference between a Chinook and a Sockeye.  Even when chrome bright, the Sockeye will not have the rectangular spots on their backs.  As they color up like the fish in the picture below you will notice the Sockeye will have a green hugh to their head and usually a reddish color on their sides.  A Chinook will not have a drastic color difference between their body and their head.  I mention this as sockeye are more interested in flies such as traditional Steelhead flies than Fall Chinook are.   Below is a picture of the Sockeye that was released last night to continue its journey to Suttle Lake.

I also saw a fantastic 10lb Steelhead at the trap.  It was processed and released to continue its journey to the Round Butte Hatchery.  The missing maxillary told us where the fish was headed.

There was also a nice 6lb Native Steelhead processed and released.  Unfortunately my picture did not turn out so you all will just have to take my word on this  

The fish are coming and I'm really getting pumped to go after them.  I think I'll hit the water on Wednesday and post a report on what I find. 

Tight lines all,
Gil Muhleman

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