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Saturday, March 17, 2012

"Big Fish" Les sends a note to Skip

Our frequent client Les just headed back home for a long drive.  Being somewhat lacking in the technology department Les asked me to send his good friend Skip (who could not make this trip) a quick note.

This is what he had me write (although I had to add a bit of spice myself):

Hello Skip,

I write this note to say first that Les Martin is a complainer.  The whole time he was here he was going on and on about how he had to catch all the fish and that Skip was a worthless pile of super glue!  (Skip had superglued an entire box of Les' fly eyes shut one year)  Seriously though, he asked that I connect with you on his behalf in medical terms.  That is, he knows you have had a good bout with medical issues recently and he applauds your vigorous recovery.   It seems that after days on end of casting, hooking and fighting enormous Oregon steelhead Les has his own medical issues.  What Les was wondering is if you had any experience to draw on for sore arms.  Perhaps you could call the old burrow and offer him some advice on soothing the aching muscles. 

 Attached is one of the smaller fish that Les tangled with while here in Oregon.  It is clear from the look on his face that he was quite disgusted with the small size of the minnow and very adamant about getting the “little bastard” off his hook and back in the water where his larger “uncle” might be. 

 So in summary, it’s really hard to tell how many fish Les hooked during the course of his time here.  All I know is he was trying to rig some type of apparatus to strap his sore arms to the steering wheel so he could make the long drive home.  Please call him and offer some medical advice in his dire time of need. 

Big Fish and Best regards,

Rob Crandall


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